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I-Society 2012


Download Link Paper ID Topic Author ISociety12/001 Security Issues and their Solution in Cloud Computing Prince Jain ISociety12/002 Cloud Computing’ - Scenarios and the concerned issues Sumati, Jatinder Pal Singh ISociety12/003 Data Security in the Realm of Cloud Computing Surabhi Jain Er. Navneet Randhawa Deepali Kansal ISociety12/004 Customer perception towards Internet banking w.r.f to private and foreign banks in India Er. Vishal Mohan Goyal & Mrs. Gania Goyal ISociety12/005 SCENARIO OF E-BANKING IN TODAY’S LIFE-A survey Jagdeep Singh ISociety12/006 Vulnerabilities in e-banking: A study of various security aspects in e-banking Tejinder Pal Singh Brar, Dr. Dhiraj Sharma,Dr. Sawtantar Singh Khurmi ISociety12/007 FUTURE OF E-COMMERCE IN INDIA Nisha Chanana, Sangeeta Goele,  Prof. Naresh Kumar ISociety12/008 Improving E-Learning with Neural Networks Parminder Kaur, Kiranjit Kaur, Gurdeepak Singh ISociety12/009 E-Learning Tools: Use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in Teaching English purva chhabra ISociety12/010 E- Education Er.Princy Narula, Priya Narula, Er. Sapandeep Kaur ISociety12/011 e-Education: Learning with Technology Vimal Kumar,  Nirmaljeet Kaur ISociety12/012 IMMERSIVE TECHNOLOGY – USES,CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES Mandeep Handa, Er. Gagandeep Aul, Shelja Bajaj ISociety12/013 Intelligent Traffic Lights Based on RFID Harpal Singh, Krishan Kumar, Harbans Kaur ISociety12/014 Sequential Pattern mining: Genetic Algorithm Anita Rani, Rajni, Manju Bala ISociety12/015 Data mining trend in past, current and future Sangeeta Goele, Nisha Chanana, Dr. Anil Mittal ISociety12/016 Red light Violation Detection Using RFID Harpal Singh, Satinder Jeet singh, Ravinder Pal Singh ISociety12/017 Research Aspects of Expert System Yogesh Kumar, Yogyata Jain ISociety12/018 Simulation of impulsive noise environment for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing wireless system Amit Grover, Amit Kumar Kohli ISociety12/019 Emerging trends of mobile applications Ajay Kumar, Kuldeep Kaur ISociety12/020 Security of Wireless Application Protocol Parminder Kaur ISociety12/021 A Review: Wireless Sensor Networks Application and Technology Himakshi a * and Charan Kamaljit Singhb ISociety12/022 WIRELESS APPLICATION Er. Parveen Kaur *  Er. Natasha Singla ** and  Ramandeep Kaur ISociety12/023 Improving Security Policies in Mobile Agent Based Systems Jaspreet Kaur1 & Prof. Jasbir Singh Saini2 ISociety12/024 Honeypot Narinder Kaur ISociety12/025 Intrusion Detection System Using Genetic Algorithm-A Review Sharmila Devi1, Ritu Nagpal2 ISociety12/026 Internet Security Er. Suruchi, Er. Shifali Mann, Er. Gurpreet Singh ISociety12/027 CYBER MONITERING Tejashwani Pabbi [1], Disha Ghai [2], Poonam Pabbi[3] ISociety12/028 A comparative Survey of Optical Switch Fabrication Techniques Sunny Arora, Navjinder Singh ISociety12/029 Analysis the Memory over head of Cache coherence protocols to minimize the problem of coherence in multiprocessor system Mamta  Rani  and   Er.  Kavita  Khatkar ISociety12/030 Implementation of TDpsola TO add Emotion in a punjabi speech Mamta Sharma, Payal Sharma ISociety12/031 Performance Analysis of Software Transaction Memory Techniques Varun Jasuja, Amit Sandhu, Kiran ISociety12/032 IMAGE COMPRESSION USING DISCRETE COSINE TRANSFORM & DISCRETE WAVELET TRANSFORM Er. Ramandeep Kaur Grewal, Navneet randhawa ISociety12/033 Image contrast enhancement using histogram equalization Manvi, Rajdeep Singh Chauhan, Manpreet Singh ISociety12/034 IT GOVERNANCE: DRIVEN BY CHALLENGES OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Aparna Sharma ISociety12/035 E-Governance in E-Administration Mohit Batta, Ashwani Sethi, Rajdeep Kaur ISociety12/036 A True Green Cloud Data Centers Monika Malhothra, Shuchi Sharma ISociety12/037 A New Image Steganography Based on 2k Correction Method and Canny Edge Detection Simrat Pal Kaur,    Sarbjeet Singh ISociety12/038 FOREIGN AID IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Guljinder Kaur Randhawa GKU/ISociety12/039 A NOVEL METHOD OF DENOISING NATURAL IMAGES USING CURVELETS COMBINING WITH CYCLE SPINNING Suman Thapar , #Amit Kamra GKU/ISociety12/040 Feature extraction using Morphological Operations on finger print images Shevaani Garg1, Suman Thapar2 GKU/ISociety12/041 Compute Travelling Salesman Problem Using Ant Colony Optimization Megha Aggarwal1 , Dr. Saroj2 GKU/ISociety12/042 STUDY AND IMPLEMENTATION OF VARIOUS MORPHOLOGY BASED IMAGE CONTRAST ENHANCEMENT TECHNIQUES 1 Suman Thapar, 2Shevani Garg GKU/ISociety12/043 COMPARATIVE STUDY OF ECONOMIC load dispatch (ELD) USING MODIFIED HOPFIELD NEURAL NETWORK 1 Er. Mukesh Garg    2Er. Manjeet Singh 3 Er. Vineet Girdher GKU/ISociety12/044 Cloud Computing Deepak Kumar Garg, Anand kumar Mittal, Onkar Chand GKU/ISociety12/045 The Network Hackers: Security Providers of Network in Emerging and Continuous way Er. Jiaur Rahman Ahmed, Er. Deepak Kumar Garg, Er.Aminur Rahman GKU/ISociety12/046 Image encryption Techniques: A Review Payal Sharma, Manju Godara, Ramanpreet Singh GKU/ISociety12/047 E-Governance- Impact on corruption Sapanjeet Kaur, Kamalkant GKU/ISociety12/048 OVERVIEW OF INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS Er. Bhalinder Kaur, Er. Shivinder Kaur GKU/ISociety12/049 Hash Based Data Text Fusion in Speech Signal Using Speech Signal Algorithm Madhu, Ms. Anu Aggarwal, Ms. Anjali Sachdeva GKU/ISociety12/050 Effective E-Administration for good Governance Inderpreet Kaur, Mrs. Kiranjit Kaur, Mrs. Parminder Kaur GKU/ISociety12/051 I-Village: The Future of Rural India Gunpreet Kaur GKU/ISociety12/052 An Intelligent E-nose system for discrimination of alcoholic odorants Ravi Kumar GKU/ISociety12/053 Review: Layers architecture of cloud computing VIKAS GOYAL GKU/ISociety12/054 SQL Generation and execution from natural language processing Saravjeet Kaur, Rashmeet Singh Bali GKU/ISociety12/055 STRATEGIC ANALYSIS OF SEARCH ENGINE GIANT: A CASE STUDY OF GOOGLE INC. Ajay Bhatia, Gagan Deep, Amit Sachdeva GKU/ISociety12/056 ANALYZING THE ROLE OF JOB INVOLVEMENT ON ORGANISATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: AN EMPIRICAL STUDY AMONG THE EMPLOYEES OF PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK Ajay Bhatia, Gagan Deep, Swati Sachdeva GKU/ISociety12/057 Advance Technique in Wireless Communication Gurwinder Singh, Beant Singh GKU/ISociety12/058 Detection of Moving Objects in Colour basedand Graph’s axis Change method Gagandeep Kaur GKU/ISociety12/059 Decoding Compressed Image TIFF files of Candidates Response Sheets in Objective Type Entrance Tests Rajdeep Kaur, **Parneet Kaur, ***Navneet Singh GKU/ISociety12/060 Digitizing Era of Library Neeta Samagh, Rachna Dewa



E-governance in India

Khushboo Batra, Jasmeet Kaur Kapoor



Lect. Sukhjinder Kaur, Veerpal kaur


Implementation  benefits to BI using data mining Techniques

Harvinder singh


E-Business & CRM

Resham Kaur,  Sukhpreet Kaur



Dr.Sarita Bahl


Pixel-Oriented Technique: A Technique To Visualize Multidimensional Data

Jaspreet Kaur1, Dr. Dharmender Kumar2


Future & applications of Open Source Software’s

Er. Pardeep Mittal, Er.Tarandeep Singh


E- Education : A Need of  Learning

Vishal Bhateja, Poonam Rani